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How to Get Golden Visa?

Know how to get UAE Golden Visa without hassle and more about this fantastic opportunity of getting into an attractive investment environment in UAE

Introduced in 2019, the UAE Golden Visa is a unique long-term, renewable residence visa (validity spanning up to 10 years). As a holder of this visa, you can travel, study or work in the United Arab Emirates easily enabled by the benefits it offers.
Since visa application can be challenging, you don’t have to do it alone. Al Riyady Corporate Services can guide you through every step, from assessing your eligibility to ensuring you have all your documents in place. The UAE Golden Visa entitles holders to enjoy many privileges—make sure you don’t lose out!

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UAE Golden Visa Benefits

10 years of residence in the UAE, with the chance to renew.

The terms of the visa extend to your spouse and children (No age limit).

No employer or sponsor is required for application and acceptance.

Security guaranteed; death or other unforeseen circumstances will not affect your family.

Security guaranteed; death or other unforeseen circumstances will not affect your family.

100% ownership of any business started and owned in the UAE.

Golden Visa Process


Assemble the necessary paperwork


On your behalf, we will forward them to the proper authorities.


Pay the necessary golden visa fees.


Obtain your E-visa and finish the necessary medical tests.

How To Apply For UAE Golden Visa With Al-Riyady Corporate Services

Eligibility Assessment

The first step in applying for the Golden UAE Visa is a thorough assessment of your personal and professional profile to ensure that it meets the requirements involved.

Documentation Process

Once your profile matches the basic criteria for eligibility, our team will walk you through the collection and submission of all required documents.

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Al-Riyady Corporate Services comprises a team of experts who adept in UAE Golden Visa processing. From understanding your profile to getting it approved, we offer complete assistance at every stage. Call now to get started.

Happy Stories


Al Riyady corporate services is definitely a HIGHLY recommended consultancy firm for getting visa processing. A big applause and very grateful to Mr. Saqib Shah for their efforts and assistance to my golden visa application. They are truly knowledgeable, skilled and had empathy throughout my golden visa processing. No doubt, the company’s success and the recommendations of their clients speaks for itself.


Extremely happy with very efficient / professional services rendered by Mr. Saqib & his Team at Al Riyady . Got our Golden Visa in 4-5 working days . Will refer of their services , to all my contacts . Many Thanks


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I got the prestigious golden visa with help of Al Riyady Corporate services . They are transparent , efficient and very professional . Definitely will recommend to my fellow businessmen.


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Recently got Golden Visas done for myself and my family and must say the whole process went so smoothly all thanks to Mr. Saqib from Al Riyady Corporate Services.He goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done swiftly.Most of the work was done over the phone, so you don’t end up spending time visiting the facility. Highly recommended.



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